Best Urban Commuter Bicycle

We bring bicycle options to our customers by setting up displays on-site of their workplace and one question that we are asked every time is, “what is the best urban commuter bicycle?”. When cycling to work, you’re looking for comfort, speed and a good range of gears so you make it to work without breaking a sweat!

If you’re thinking about the Cycle to Work Scheme and looking for some advice on the Best Urban Commuter Bicycle, then you have come to the right place.

The Forme Repton series has just been released for 2018, brings two similar but different options for you to consider. If you want to skip to the good stuff, we have included a Forme Repton review below. Both of these models are designed using the same frameset with the Repton 1 City equipped with higher specification components.

We feel that others need to know about the different bicycle options available to them. You could be looking for your first bicycle through the Cycle to Work Scheme or maybe you’re eligible for the scheme again, how do you pick the right bike?

Sometimes it can be a little daunting going into a bicycle shop by yourself and customers like to do a little research online before they step into their local bike shop. So we are here to help you!

Forme Repton Series

Best urban commuter bicycle

Forme Repton 1 City

New into stock, the Forme Repton series combines performance, comfort and low maintenance, making them a commuters dream bicycle. Subtle branding, artistic lines, it comes equipped with everything you need to get you to work in style. Whether it is cycling to work or cruising with friends in the evening and on weekends, you want a bike that is reliable and enjoyable.

Forme Repton City 1 best urban commuter bicycleForme Repton City 1 best urban commuter bicycleForme Repton City 1 best urban commuter bicycleForme Repton City 1 best urban commuter bicycle

The Repton 1 City features a wide ratio Deore 1x gear system, responsive hydraulic disc brakes, robust sealed bearing hubs and alloy forks offering a comfortable, vibration damping ride that is perfectly styled with Kenda 32c gum walled tyres.

Best Urban Commuter Bicycle

Key Features:

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes

Shimano Deore Spec

1 x 10 set up (Low maintenance)

Fitted Bolt on Mudguards

Kenda 700 x 32c tyres

Forme Repton 2 City

The Forme Repton 2 City is a perfect entry level commuter bicycle and this model is one of the best urban commuter bicycles. You will have plenty of room left within your budget of the Cycle to Work Scheme budget, if you are planning on including some additional accessories.

Best urban commuter bicycle Best urban commuter bicycleBest urban commuter bicycle

Featuring the same lightweight aluminium frame with Shimano Claris 16 speed low maintenance gears and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes offer better braking power and keep you safe on the road. Fully equipped with some stealthy looking mudguards and Kenda 32c gum walled tyres will give you a little more comfort.

Best urban Commuter bicycle

Key Features:

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Tektro Mechanical disc brakes

Shimano Claris Spec

2 x 8 set up (Low maintenance)

Fitted Bolt on Mudguards

Kenda 700 x 32c tyres

Forme Repton Review

Forme Repton 1 City – Review

I really like the 1 x 10 gearing set-up on the Forme Repton 1 City. This model combines a comfortable riding position, low maintenance gears and value for money. Protected internal cables, hydraulic disc brakes for stopping when you need to and 32c Kenda gum walled tyres. Slightly wide 32c tyres offer additional comfortable and will be less prone to punctures or blowouts, so long as you keep them pumped to the recommended tyre pressure.

Pros: Excellent mix of low maintenance components and comes with everything for a trouble free commute.

Cons: The Repton series doesn’t include puncture resistant tyres as standard, however we offer an upgrade service at a low cost of €60.

Buy if An ideal upgrade from your current bicycle, attach a set of lights and you will have nothing to worry about when your cruising to work or heading off on trips with friends.

Forme Repton 2 City – Review

The Forme Repton 2 City has a perfect wide gearing ratio with componets that would normally be associated with a road bicycle. The 16 Shimano Claris spec gears will help you climb hills with ease and the practically fitted chain guard will keep your clothes clean no matter the weather.

Pros: Commuting to work and cycling with friends should be fun and this bike is practically styled for those of you who don’t want to spend too much time visiting the local bike shop.

Cons: The Repton series doesn’t include puncture resistant tyres as standard, however we offer an upgrade service at a low cost of €60.

Buy if Perfectly priced to include additional accessories through the Cycle to Work Scheme. Invest in a quality bicycle, however never over spend or exceed your budget.

Bike Tips

Even if you have the best urban commuter bicycle, you need to keep it running smoothly ! We recommend cleaning your bike every few weeks and apply Teflon oil or bicycle lube on the chain. The first service is probably one of the most important services for your bicycle. This should be carried out after 6-8 weeks of cycling as components will begin to settle in and cables stretch.

By offering first free services with every new bicycle, we want to encourage customers to take care of their bikes. This can be carried out at our customers home or office at a time that suits them.

Please never use WD-40 on your bicycle or use a power hose to clean it down.

WD-40 remains wet, attracting dirt which causes your chain to wear down faster. Don’t power hose your bicycle as this causes oil and dirt to spread onto the rest of the components. This can have a very negative effect on your braking power especially if you have disc brakes. Power hosing will blast grease out of the places where it should be, like your headset, bottom bracket and hubs.

Hopefully you have enjoyed what we had to say about our recommendation for the best urban commuter bicycle. If you have any thoughts, please comment below or send us an email. Maybe even give it a like or share !