A fixed gear bicycle means having a fixed gear which is constantly in motion as the bicycle is always moving. This means that the pedals will constantly rotate preventing the rider from coasting. The majority of riders will keep their brakes fitted to their bike allowing them to slow down. Other riders who remove their brakes perform a skid to slow the bike down and come to a stop. Don’t worry all of our bikes will come with a front brake fitted to keep you safe !

There are a lot of advantages to this style in comparison to your average bicycle. Singlespeed bikes are very low maintenance as there is only one gear. Once you pick the right gear (correct ratio i.e. Front chainring and rear sprocket) you will have nothing to worry about besides making your brakes work so you can slow down. As all of the unnecessary shifters and gearing mech have been kept off the bike, you drastically reduce the weight of the bike and level of maintenance required. This style of bicycle is very popular with couriers and city cyclists.

A Fixie refers to a fixed wheel bicycle or singlespeed bicycle. This consists of a drive chain and a fixed sprocket or freewheel sprocket fitted onto the rear wheel of the bicycle.

Fixed gear bicycles were originally used for track cycling, however this style has become increasingly popular with couriers and everyone who loves to cycle. This is mostly because of their low maintenance, cool designs and low cost.

Contact us or give us a call to let us know which model or style of bicycle you are interested in. We will help by recommending a suitable style of bicycle and differently to other bicycle shops, we will bring some options which you can test directly to you door. This service is possible for all of our customers from balance bicycles in a 12″ for your 2-3 year old to adults bicycles in a 28″ wheel to suit your grandparents (Granny, nana, nannie, Grandad, Grandfather or pap).

No, we specialise in building one off custom Cruisefix singlespeed and fixed gear bikes but we can build you anything that you come to us with. If you come to us with an idea then we will build it. If you come to us with an old/vintage frame and the fork then we can build it. But remember, we build quality custom bikes and depending on the level of customisation and components chosen, this will alter the price.

Different brands and models have different weight. Our single speed frames and forks are normally made from 4130 crmo steel. The total weight of a crmo frame set is around 2.8kgs. The full complete bike with all of the components is around 11-13 kg’s depending on your frame size. The difference in weight is also dependent on the choice of upgraded component. But this is just to give you an idea.

If you are not sure what size frame to order, we recommend that contact us. You can contact us through our contact form or using our Zopim chat app which is located on the left bottom side of our webpage. When buying a bicycle, we would always recommend contacting us before you make any final decisions. As two of the most important details of your new bicycle are to make sure it fits you properly and that you are comfortable riding it. We are always here to help and make sure that all the details are correct before we take payment.

However, if you would like to get an idea of your frame size, we can forward you the detailed frame geometry from your chosen brand.

We only use secure methods of payment. Our current payment providers are Paypal and Stripe. Most customers will be familiar with Paypal, however Stripe is a relatively new payment processing company who launched in 2011. Stripe help customers by removing the difficulty of processing online payments. We accept all types of credit card payments including Visa, MasterCard and maestro.

We stock a variety a different bicycle and accessories brands which not every other shop/retailer would normally have in stock. We are always seeking new brands which are of a superior quality and value for money for our customers. Some of the Bicycle Brands that we stock include: Bobbin Bicycles, Pells, Cuda, Barracuda, Freespirit, Rocker Bmx, Early Rider, Kiffy, 6KU and a more. If you are browsing our website and you can’t find a particular model or brand that you like, please send us a message and will try our best to help.

We established the business in October 2015, opening a pop-up shop within our community which operates on a weekend basis, located in the Red Stables in St. Annes Park, Raheny, Dublin 5. Cruisefix offers a personalised service as Monday-Friday, assisting our customers through the entire sales process.

We are passionate about the products and service which we provide to our customers. We believe that with our help, our customers lives are being made easier and safer. Our service is carried out at a time which suits our customers and with the help of our experiences staff, you can make the best decision.

The service that we offer is different to other companies currently within the market. Still a relatively small company with a good few sales under our belts. We provide our customers with an experience every time and never treat any sale as a transaction. We aim to make each experience as simple as possible. Meeting with customers who are within proximity to us, at times which suit them and go through the options of bikes and accessories. As well as new bicycle sales, customers looking to have their current bicycle serviced can organise for us to drop out to their home or workplace and carry out repairs on the spot.

The full list of services that we provide is the following:

  • Bicycles, Accessories and Clothing
  • Custom and Corporate Bikes
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Bicycle Maintenance Education and Youth Groups
  • Bicycle Rentals and Delivery

Cruisefix aim to personalise every bicycle that sell to our customers. We are experts in custom bike building and for anyone thinking of making some changes to their current bicycle or upgrading to something a little better, this is what we specialise in. From changing a pair of grips, saddle upgrades or adjustments to building one off custom bicycles. One of the most important aspect of buying any new bicycle, is to ensure that you choose the correct size frame.

We offer a more personalised experience as we are here to assist you through the entire process. For complete custom builds, you can choose your frame, followed by your basic design based on the correct colour combinations. Once your colour scheme is chosen then we move onto your component/part specification and any upgrades which you wish to make. For customers who are interested in building a new custom bicycle or making additional upgrades or changes to their current bicycle, we will do everything that we can to make your dream bike come true.

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