Renting a bike is great fun for all ages. Families, groups or singles renting a bike in Ireland is great experience. We offer a unique mobile service meaning that we bring our bikes directly to our customers. By bringing out bikes directly to our customers, we ensure that each bike is quality checked and a correct bike fit is carried out before you get cycling. Upon request, we can provide you with cycling maps and provide you with recommendation on cycling routes and places of interest.

Our bicycles

We have a fleet of over 20+ custom built Cruisefix single speed bikes. We use single speed bikes as they are lightweight, durable, low maintenance and simple to use. The term “single speed” refers to the drive chain of the bike, which is made up of the pedal arms/chain set and the rear sprocket. Single speed is the ideal set up for leisure cycling as it allows you to enjoy your cycle at a comfortable speed with minimum problems. Our fleet of Cruisefix single speed bikes are customised in a colour coordinated, visually appealing and unique style ensuring that you are seen while you’re on the road.

What is needed to rent one?

Photo I’D: passport, driving license or other recognised forms of photo ID are required as proof of identity when hiring a bike.

Rental deposit/security

We will require a small deposit as security or customers can opt to provide their credit card details. Details will be securely stored and destroyed upon return of the rental bike.

Basic cycling experience

In order to rent one of our bike, we recommend/require that the customer hiring the bike must be able to cycle a bike. Our staff members will ensure that your bike is fitted correctly to the user and we will supply all necessary cycling equipment.

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