Vinatge saddle cover

Vinatge saddle cover


Key Features

  • Keeps saddle dry cool and protects against bird excrement
  • Improved comfort
  • Easy fit no tools
  • Wide range of cool colours patterns and deigns
  • Personalise your bike
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Saddle covers keep your saddle dry if you leave your bike outside or as a commuter they also keep your saddle cooler in summer and also prevent nasty incidents such as bird excrement from ruining your day by protecting the saddle underneath. You can of course ride with the cover on and dependent on your saddle material they can improve comfort. These Saddle Covers come is a variety of cool/vintage patterns and designs and fit a wide variety of saddles. Adding one of these to your bike can really personalise it and can also bring a tired looking bike back to life…! Dimensions: 28x23x1 (LxWxH).

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Manufacturer Color

Newspaper Pattern, Flower Pattern



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