Sigma BC 16.12 Cycle Computer

Sigma BC 16.12 Cycle Computer


Key Features:

  • PC and MAC functionality
  • Measures cadence (optional)
  • speed measures (Current, maximum and average)
  • Back up function for data
  • UFSB* compatible
  • Watertight
  • *Universal Fast setting Box
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The professional among the Topline 2012 range. Whether with one bike or two, the BC 16.12 has comprehensive bike and time functions.

The BC 16.12 can store wheel measures for two bikes to recognise the change and then calculate the distance covered and speed travelled. The total values are displayed separately for bike 1, bike 2 and bikes 1 2 once a second bike has been added(doesn’t show bike 1 2 while riding). If only one bike is used, only the total values for the first bike are displayed.


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