Knog Straight Jacket Fatty Chain Lock

Knog Straight Jacket Fatty Chain Lock


Introducing the Knog Straight Jacket Fatty Lock. This is one of Knog’s hardcore locks with a security rating of 7/10, whilst still being affordable and easily transportable.


The chain its self is 800mm in length and is made from hardened steel which is then wrapped in a hard wearing, vibrant and robust nylon cover which protects your bike from scratches. Weighing in at just 1.4 kg its one of the lightest weight chain locks in its price range and security level. This means that you can happily transport the lock in your bag whilst commuting.

Key Features:

  • Made from high strength, hardened steel with with brass body
  • Heat-treated specifically to create a balance between hardness (cutting resistance) and toughness (for tensile and impact resistance)
  • Hard wearing, vibrant and robust nylon cover protects your bike from scratches
  • Tough nylon cover to protect padlock and shroud shackle, preventing access with bolt cutters

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Green, Pink, White



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White, Pink, Green



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