E-Kiffy Flash Foldable Electric Bike

E-Kiffy Flash Foldable Electric Bike


KIFFY bio-tiful urban Mobility® a customizable full range both version FLASH (foldable) than Version FIX (not foldable).

FLASH version has a simple and intuitive folding device in order to make it fully intermodal, portable and convenient to use. The front and rear are completely independent. The front section can be advantageously used for transporting shopping or any other load.

Versions FLASH and FIX are equipped with the system SWING , an aluminum frame, brakes front hydraulic disc, rear brakes Coaster, 1 or 2 speeds, wheel 18” or 20” inches.

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The Kiffy Urban Tricycle is a collaboration by French designer Patrick Jouffret of design studio agency 360, and Norbert Peytour of NPinnovation. The innovative folding tricycle can be separated with ease into two completely independent sections, and the front section can be used to easily transport shopping or any other cargo. A wide range of solutions are available for customising your KIFFY, such as the color of the front plate, the frame, and various accessories.

Kiffy Bikes are using the German Pendix E-Bike sysstme. Pendix have designed a unique and intuitive setting system. At the upper end of the cylindrical battery they have installed an elegant rotating selector. With it, you can navigate in one of the three modes or settings: Eco (economy), Smart (energy-saving) or Sport (high power). The following shows how far you can ride in each setting.


  • In the Eco mode, you feel as if you were riding a bicycle without a motor. It supports your pedaling only to a minimal extent. A new and pleasant riding sensation is the result.


  • Long range, a natural cycling feeling, your own physical effort becomes noticable after a long ride.

Examples for use:

  • Long, flat stretches, extensive tours, physical training for non-professionals.

Support level: 75 %


  • We have called this mode „Smart“ not without reason. This is the best mode to be in for normal cycling activities. The noticeable support and acceleration is like having a good wind behind you.


  • Riding at moderate speed through flat country, medium range, normal to slight physical effort.

Examples for use:

  • Cycling in town, slight gradients, mostly untreated or non-solid ground (no pavement, asphalt or concrete).

Support level: 150 %


  • The Sport mode lends you wings. Here you really put your foot down. With the motor in this mode, we guarantee you reach your journey’s end in time – whatever your ambitions may be.


  • High power, low physical effort.

Examples for use

  • Hills, mountains, steep gradients, loose or irregular surface, moderate to high wind against you.

Support level: 200 %

Motor Specification :

  • Drive system brushless bottom bracket motor
  • Performance : 250 W nominal*
  • Speed (max) : 25 km/h** = 15½ mph
  • Motor settings : 3 modes
  • Torque (max) : 50 Nm


  • Type : lithium ion accumulator (removable)
  • Capacity : 300 Wh nominal
  • Voltage : 48 V
  • Charging time : 3 hrs
  • Charging cycles : 500
  • Range (max) : 105 km*** = 65.2 miles


  • Wheel diameters : all sizes supported
  • Frame sizes : Fits all frames with commercially available construction measurements and bottom brackets using BSA 68 or 73 standard threads


  • Additional weight of Pendix system : 6.5 kg = 14,33 lbs

Specification :

  • Framework : Aluminium
  • Wheels : 18 inches. 20 inches (available Spring 2016)
  • Front Brakes : Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Rear Brakes : Coaster Brake
  • Transmission : Chain Drive
  • Speed : 2-speed internal rear hub gears
  • Weight : 2 speeds version: 13 kg
  • Pedals : Foldable
  • Dimensions folded KIFFY : 53 cm x 57 cm – footprint of 0,30 m2

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18”, 20”


Black, Orange, White



Manufacturer Color

Black, White, Orange


Electric Bike

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